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Thanks Joel, that's interesting: I'm using Spectacle by starting it, choosing
options and then taking a screenshot. After this, I can just press the
shortcuts I mentioned, right inside Spectacle.

To me it sounds like you are using the hotkeys only, you get the "Screenshot
taken" notification without starting the application window first. That was the
essential information missing from your bug report ;)

>From the notification, you should be able to just drag the image to wherever
you want. For a keyboard-only workflow, D9117 will bring improvements, and we
have other bugs open to expose the shortcuts more prominently to the user.

I could imagine having a more flexible saving/copying/exporting pipeline would
be useful, but this would probably involve a more thorough change in Spectacle.
I'm also hesitant to allow uploading a screenshot to the internet after a
single keypress, we'd need at least some sort of confirmation dialog.


Another way to look at this would be to question how the current "Copy save
location to clipboard" works. Maybe we want the pixmap copy here instead? This
needs more thinking about use cases and some testing what works where (keeping
in mind that Klipper by default does not save image data until we patch it).

I'll leave the bug open for now, but don't hold your breath for quick progress.
This needs more design work.

Perhaps this is the way to go:
- Fix Klipper.
- Figure out why anyone would need "Copy filename" after that.
- Perhaps remove it from the settings to avoid confusion.
- Add "Copy to clipboard" to the main UI under "Options", check by default.
- Remove "Copy to clipboard" button.
- Ensure the hotkeys use the options as set in the main UI.

Nate: With this ↑ we wouldn't need D9117 anymore, cluttering up the shortcuts.

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