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--- Comment #1 from Nate Graham <> ---
This was by design because before, the full string was unreadable and made the
settings page look ugly and people hated it. Now for non-Ubuntu packages, we
show the first part of the URL only, as seen in your screenshot for Flathub,
and for Ubuntu packages, we try to synthesize a pretty string. But it looks
like there are still some bugs to work out here.

About half of those "Xenial (main) entries are actually source packages, and
will be marked appropriately once Neon gets a new PackageKit version:

But beyond those, there are still two other bugs I can see:
- One of your repos is just ".". That shouldn't happen.
- Even with half of the repos correctly displaying as "Xenial (main) sources",
it still won't be clear why they all have the same name. They should probably
have the same kind of shortened URL as the flathub entry, or else the
synthesized string  should be unique for each repo.

Can you please open two new targeted bugs, one for each of those issues?

(FWIW the full URL would be visible if my feature request for an edit button is
implemented: Bug: 389768)

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