Bug ID: 390724
           Summary: kscreen 90 counterclockwise second monitor shows mouse
                    pointer, but no windows
           Product: KScreen
           Version: 5.12.1
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: common
  Target Milestone: ---

I am running Gentoo system and experienced some situation which can be
resolved, but is possible bug.

I have installed following kscreen version:
[I] kde-plasma/kscreen                                                          
     Available versions:  (5) 5.11.5^t (~)5.12.1^t                              
       {debug test}                                                             
     Installed versions:  5.12.1(5)^t(09:24:18 02/15/18)(-debug -test)          
     Description:         KDE Plasma screen management  

Unexpected situation description:
1. I have 2 monitors connected to nvidia 1080 ti both via display port, 43" and
2. Second 24" monitor I configured ?< 90* Counterclockwise and all works -
screenshot from systemsetting attached
3. I restart the system
4. After boot, main monitor is OFF and second display is displaying terminal in
NON <90* Counterclockwise, but XDM is off, so I understand this.

Question: Why is main monitor OFF - not sure if right place to ask for it as
XDM is off in that moment.

5. I log in and start manually /etc/init.d/xdm start
6. After start of XDM login screen appear on still NON clockwised secondary
monitor - note I use DISPLAYMANAGER="sddm", primary monitor is still OFF

Question: I would expect in this moment the monitor should rotate < 90
Counterclockwise as windows system is in control, but not sure. Is SDDM using
plasma monitor settings or not?

7. After plasma desktop is loaded main monitor is finally switched ON and
displays correctly desktop while the second monitor is reportedly on (have
signal from GPU), the screen is black and have following behaviour:
   A. When I move mouse over the second monitor, the cursor is visible
   B. When I try to move some window from main monitor to second one, I can see
only mouse cursor, but no window of moved application
   C. The desktop background is not visible, background is simply black
8. After I just try to little bit move alignment in systemsettings-display and
do Apply (button) the second monitor remain still in the same kind of state
(all previously 3 described behaviours apply)
9. To fix this situation I just switch the second monitor to other orientation
and then back to expected < 90* Counterclockwise 
10. All is back to expected state

Same behaviour after each restart.

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