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Yes, I know. The point is you don't see them in the overview. You hve to click
every single image to find out what state it has. It also doesn't help to
filter them, because that is something you'll do after you've done the pickling

Maybe it is also a question of an efficient workflow. IMO you need something
like the Preview view for the initial picking of images after you've downloaded
them from the camera, as you need a bigger view for that. As I said Lightroom
has that sort of workflow for storing and picking images and digikam is very
close in that part; except it misses that picking in Preview mode.

Maybe professionals always work with 5 star ratings for picking images.
Something I personally don't see as efficient as it is alot more difficult that
just say: Keep the picture, don't keep the picture, This picture needs a closer
look. This is something you can do with keyboard shortcuts very easily too as
you're browsing through the loaded pictures.
In fact I don't use the stars feature in Lightroom at all, and I wouldn't use
it in Digikam too as the flags in Digikam would be the feature I really need.
As it is already there, it seems to me an easy addition to the thumbnails /
icons in the Preview view.

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