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Hi ! I noticed a strange behavior regarding files associations, that only
affect some GTK apps like Firefox / Thunderbird. I may file another bugreport
if necessary.

How to reproduce :
1) install a clean KDE Neon distribution (or Manjaro KDE, same behavior).
Plasma 5.12.1.
2) install wine
3) check the files associations for PNG and JPEG images in the KDE settings :
gwenview is first, wineserver is second
4) try to open a PNG or JPG in Dolphin : Gwenview is indeed invoked
5) try to open a PNG or JPG in Firefox : wineserver is invoked !!


6) go back to the files associations preferences, move some items back and
forth in the PNG / JPG lists ; save them
7) now, Gwenview will be invoked in Firefox, even though the list appears to be
the same ! Gwenview is indeed displayed as "default" in the FF/TB preferences
(while it was wineserver before)

SO : the KDE files associations list IS taken into account by Firefox /
Thunderbird BUT it has to be modified / saved first for some unknown reasons.

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