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> FTR, for a long time Konsole has had a (hackish) way to redraw the prompt
> after using e.g. `reset` or the menu item "Clear scrollback and reset". Have
> a look at:
> and the relevant commit:
> ?id=d346a2ccad3950dad5ec137edce27e2930d536d6
> and a follow up to that code to make it work with e.g. zsh:
> ?id=ccfc3f859c5695cc08895570efd0831db0d3b9b0

Hi!!!  Thanks for the good info.  That's very interesting to see.  It's good to
know that it has stayed fixed for quite some time now.  I'm currently using an
outdated Fedora 25 KDE with Konsole 16.12.3, & even that one is working fine. 
The prompt returns to the screen as it should.  Although it is a hackish way of
doing it, it works, & I am happy.  Thanks again!!!  : )

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