--- Comment #13 from Nate Graham <> ---
No one's arguing in favor of running dolphin sudo'd in a user session. But
until root login is completely disabled, people are going to run GUI software
in their root sessions, andpreventing Dolphin from running doesn't actually
increase security at all, it just annoys them.

** Obviously root sessions should be strongly discouraged. **

No disagreement there. But that's not our call; Distros make that decision. And
there are probably a few use cases that we can't think of, because our users
have diverse needs. For example, root sessions using Docker are common. I think
it's quite a reasonable compromise to allow Dolphin to run in a root
session--if root sessions are allowed--but continuing to disable running
Dolphin sudo'd in a user session (in favor if running it normally and using
polkit for file activities requiring authentication).

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