--- Comment #1 from Laurent Montel <> ---
"As can be seen from the output of

the default log level for different debug categories varies from QtCriticalMsg
to QtInfoMsg."

all module which doesn't use debug categories files will not override by
kdebugsettings => so kdebugsettings will not change settings for these modules.

But indeed it will change settings for other modules.

But default all module uses same settings generated by categories ecm macro.

=> QtInfoMsg

see  #if QT_VERSION >= QT_VERSION_CHECK(5, 4, 0)
Q_LOGGING_CATEGORY(RUQOLA_DDPAPI_COMMAND_LOG, "org.kde.ruqola.ddpapi.command",
Q_LOGGING_CATEGORY(RUQOLA_DDPAPI_COMMAND_LOG, "org.kde.ruqola.ddpapi.command")

=> it's normal. 

3. Setting the log level to QtInfoMsg increases the log level for every
category which defaults to Critical or Warning"

it's wrong as we can't change settings from module which doesn't use debug
categories file.

"4. it lowers the log level for categories defaulting to Debug" wrong too.

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