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Thanks for the info. I did a bit of testing with some of them and here are my

Drawpile 2.0.8 uses the WinTab support from Qt, which happens to contain an
ugly hack which takes the system cursor location for handling mouse mode. That
code for some reason wasn't backported to the WinTab code in Krita, but it
could've been intentional.

SAI 1.2.5 switches WinTab to pen mode by default. The option it provides for
enabling mouse mode actually causes SAI to handle the relative movement of the
tablet by itself. It also moves the system cursor by its own tracking, instead
of letting the Wacom driver do it. This is why moving the mouse doesn't affect
the strokes made by the tablet. It also doesn't follow the mouse mode settings
in the Wacom settings, but instead provide its own speed settings. This also
allows making use of the full tablet resolution to get sub-pixel position for

SpeedyPainter doesn't work in mouse mode for me at all.

Anyway, I dislike the idea of using the mouse coordinates for painting, so I
did have the idea to implement relative mode in the WinTab code, just like how
SAI does it. I didn't really consider it then due to how it would have to move
the system cursor around, but seeing that I had to do it anyway in the Windows
Ink code, I'm feeling a bit more comfortable with going this direction.

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