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> Have you got an image open when you're trying to do that? And if you can
> reproduce the crash consistently, please do consider trying to reproduce it
> with the latest 4.0 build
> ( and
> reporting that as a bug with a crash log
> (

(In reply to Boudewijn Rempt from comment #2)
> Oh, and does it help if you reset Krita's configuration?

I did have a new image open and things were still locked. After a PC restart
and redownloading Krita it all seems to be working now. However the crashing
when painting in tiling mode (or scrubbing through colors in the color picker)
still cause the program to crash. I haven't tried changing the config files
since I'm not the MOST advanced at that stuff but I'll give it a try, as well
as trying the nightly 4.0 build.

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