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(In reply to Alvin in Comment 8 )

As long as it works well, that's really all that matters. I only have two
concerns. My first concern is that since it over-rides driver controls for the
tablet, I would hope that either the Mouse Acceleration is an adjustable
feature or it's just turned off altogether. My second concern is that even
though Sai does use the tablet in relative mode and over-ride settings, it
still sometimes jumps around unexpectedly while being in mouse mode (as well as
all my tablet settings), so I'm hoping that this is something that could be
coded to prevent that bit from happening as well. 

As far as SpeedyPainter goes, I appear to have been mistaken about it working
in mouse mode. I guess that's what I get for using the program on the middle of
three monitors, I somehow missed that. My apologies.

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