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I found the explanation,

when I go to the menu "television, configure television" I notice than in tab
"Device 1" and tab "Device 2" the combobox "source" is set to "no source"
instead of "autoscan",

and no name are set to these device, I can see the information "terrestrial"
greyed in the GUI,

I have to select "autoscan" for the source for each tab ( "Device 1" and
"Device 2" ) and I have to put a name for each device in the textbox "Name",

I think an improvement for Kaffeine would be to automatically select "autoscan"
and put a random name ( "tuner#1", "tuner#2" etc... ) when kaffeine autodetect
a TV tuner card, it's not normal to force the user to manually select
"autoscan" and force him to put a name, these things should be automatically
done by kaffeine

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