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I get it: 

You guys created a service and you like to see it been used. That is
understandable. And since it is technically limited and resources are scarce
you prefer to argue for "no changes" instead of looking for a cleaner

Also there already is a user-friendly, comprehensible, easy to apply solution
in place that can be used by anyone: 

> Users can override system-wide *.desktop files by copying them into the user-
> specific ~/.config/autostart/ folder.

> If that isn't working, you can also crash baloo, there are many ways to do 
> it, > as you can see from the bug list.

Also there are clear indications and documentations in place to help
unsuspepecting GNOME or LXDE users to easily apply these solutions if their
desktop might lag with non-GNOME/LXDE background services... 

I say "Well done, good work KDE team!" for a perceived problem swiftly and
thoroughly solved! I am glad for the discussion and suggest to close this bug. 

Thx, P.

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