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> Yes it is unfixable. This would require adding support for xinput scroll
> events. KWin doesn't support them yet and this would require a major
> refactoring in KWin to make use of it. Given that we feature froze X11 this
> is unfixable.

I appreciate your response.  In the interest of transparency, I think it is
more accurate to say "this is something we don't want to fix" rather than

It's not a challenge to your decision - you own that.  In fact I respect it,
given all the work to be done, a minor nag about scroll direction is nothing. 

Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather hear "I acknowledge bug, but we're not going
to fix this because $Strategy" than "I label this unfixable and submit no 
rationale behind my statement."

Anyway, I'm going to reword this bug to be wayland specific, and to address the
fact that it simply doesn't work.

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