Bug ID: 390959
           Summary: Consider suppressing GUI display of non-fatal,
                    non-user-actionable warnings
           Product: Discover
           Version: 5.12.2
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: discover
  Target Milestone: ---

Discover is very "chatty" in that it displays a lot of GUI PassiveNotifications
regarding its internal state.

This can be important for fatal errors that require intervention, but for
non-fatal errors and warnings, they don't actually help the user because
they're generally not actionable unless you are a developer, and that's not
Discover's primary target audience (see
Displaying non-actionable status information reduces the user's confidence in a
program's ability to manage its own affairs, and makes it seem needy and

I'm thinking specifically about the following common messages:
- Invalid knsrc messages (Bug 388101 and Bug 390922)
- Non-fatal Flatpak warnings when the requested operation succeeds anyway (Bug
390217 and Bug 390425)
- Redundant message after cancelling password prompt (Bug: 388076)

These messages may be actionable for developers, but they are confusing and
frightening for users. I propose that we make these messages log to the console
and don't display them in the GUI.

Benefit for users:
- Increased confidence in Discover

Benefit for developers:
- A whole class of bug reports and user frustration issues disappears

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