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Hi, the developer of Drawpile here.
I'm using Krita's Wintab event handler in the latest master branch version of
Drawpile. I copied the mouse mode hack from Qt source and it seems to work.
Specifically, these lines:

    // Get Mouse Position and compare to tablet info
    const QPoint mouseLocation = QCursor::pos();

    // Positions should be almost the same if we are in absolute
    // mode. If they are not, use the mouse location.
    if ((mouseLocation - globalPos).manhattanLength() > m_absoluteRange) {
        globalPos = mouseLocation;
        globalPosF = globalPos;

I had to replace QWindowsCursor::mousePosition() with QCursor::pos(), since
QWindowsCursor is a private API.

Adding these lines didn't seem to break anything on my computer and Wade also
reported that it fixed mouse mode for him (and didn't break pen mode.)

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