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> > Kaffeine already suggests a name, with is based on the TV standard. Btw, you
> > could use the same source name for both DVB-T tuners. It only makes sense to
> > use different names if you have, for example, two DVB-S devices, each
> > connected to a different dish.
> the name must be different if we have 2 TV tuner card pci, the problem is
> that kaffeine by default uses the same name for both TV tuner pci card (
> "terrestrial" ), which brings a bug when we want to select the second TV
> card for the channel search ( as the name is the same then only one card
> would appear in the combo-box --> "terrestrial" ),
> in my case if I set the same name for both cards then I can not chose the
> second card in the combobox "name" when I want to select the card

If you have more than one card with the same source name, what Kaffeine should
do is to use both for the same source. So, if you're watching TV with one
board, you should still be able to record a show with the second one. Or, if
you're not watching any show, you can record two ones.

So, under normal circumstances, using the same name for both tuners is a good

That's said, it has been a while since the last time I used this feature, as I
don't use to plug two boards of the same type there. Are you saying that his is
not working like that?

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