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                 CC|                            |
                 OS|Linux                       |MS Windows
          Component|general                     |editor
           Platform|Other                       |MS Windows
            Version|2.1.3                       |2.9.60

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I found the same problem while editing. For example, I have to write "CuĂĄnto
tiempo tardarĂĄ" instead of "Cuánto tiempo tardará" in order Kile to compile
correctly and produce the correct symbols in pdf file. If I use directly
"Cuánto tiempo tardará", the pdf file would produce "Cuo tiempo tarda". 
It happens also with all the others accented vowels, as well as with the
opening question mark.
I work now with Windows 10 and Kile for Windows 2.9.60. 

Let me know any other detail you need.
Thanks in advance for your time.

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