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(In reply to Nate Graham from comment #3)
> FWIW Baloo is now maintained once more. So there is definitely the promise
> of future bugfixes and new features.
> I believe KFind is basically a graphical `find`, rather than building a
> whole index the way Baloo does, which is why KFind finds it. By default, I
> believe Baloo doesn't index the contents of hidden folders; Sending to
> frameworks-baloo to decide whether to confirm and WONTFIX, turn this on by
> default, or add a switch to control it.
> > Another example. In the home directory...
> One issue per bug report please. See

I'm seeing file locations where some files are apparently indexed while others
are not. Downloads folder for example, some queries would return files, while
others would be omitted that are in the same location, not hidden, should match
the query etc.

The files that should be in thre results but are not, when applying the steps
described in "Comment 1" will immediately make these files return in the
results for valid queries as well. The files aren't new, they'd been in there
for some time. Why some were indexed and others not, I have no idea.

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