Bug ID: 391292
           Summary: Shape Selection tool cannot edit shapes on a selection
           Product: krita
           Version: git master
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Layers/Vector
  Target Milestone: ---

To reproduce.

1. Make a selection with the selection tools, with the selection set to
2. Select the global selection mask.
3. Select the shape select tool.
4. Try to select the shape on the global selection mask.

I though initially it was because of that floating popup thing, but the
following patch makes NO difference for me when it comes to actually selecting
the shape on the selection mask.


diff --git a/plugins/tools/defaulttool/defaulttool/DefaultTool.cpp
index bffae46..e800e22 100644
--- a/plugins/tools/defaulttool/defaulttool/DefaultTool.cpp
+++ b/plugins/tools/defaulttool/defaulttool/DefaultTool.cpp
@@ -677,12 +677,12 @@ void DefaultTool::paint(QPainter &painter, const
KoViewConverter &converter)
     // this tool only works on a vector layer right now, so give a warning if
another layer type is trying to use it
     KisNodeSP currentNode =

-    if (currentNode.isNull() || !currentNode->inherits("KisShapeLayer")) {
+    if (currentNode.isNull() || (!currentNode->inherits("KisShapeLayer") &&
!currentNode->inherits("KisSelectionMask"))) {

         KisCanvas2 * kiscanvas = static_cast<KisCanvas2*>(canvas());
             i18n("This tool only works on vector layers. You probably want the
move tool."),
-            QIcon(), 2000, KisFloatingMessage::Medium, Qt::AlignCenter);
+            QIcon(), 500, KisFloatingMessage::Medium, Qt::AlignCenter);


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