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--- Comment #1 from Henrik Fehlauer <> ---
Thanks for your message. Note that it's very important to only have one
distinct topic per Bug, otherwise handling gets really complicated.

Please open a new bug for Wish 2, here we'll focus on Wish 1:

> last image size and position as default would be fine.
Reading this, I assume you mean the "Rectangular Region" tool (please specify
such details in the future ;).

Good news for you: There is already a setting which you can check, it makes the
tool remember the previously set size and position of the capture rectangle.
You can access the configure dialog by clicking on the small arrow on the save
button, and in the upcoming 18.04 release this will become a distinct button in
the UI.


Nevertheless, given this comes up quite often I'd advocate to make remembering
the region the default behaviour. Let's repurpose your bug for this.

The only detail to watch out for is how easy it is to draw a completely new
rectangle. We might have to look at the help text, or add an overlay button to
clear the old region.

Another way would be to behave like KSnapshot did: Remember the area for the
session, and reset the area after an application restart.

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