Nate Graham <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|NEEDSINFO                   |CONFIRMED
     Ever confirmed|0                           |1
         Resolution|WAITINGFORINFO              |---
            Summary|When using from the context |When using the Fade effect
                   |menu in the launcher, the   |and Spectacle is invoked
                   |menu appears in the         |from its pinned Task
                   |screenshot                  |Manager icon's the context
                   |                            |menu, a half-faded version
                   |                            |of the menu appears in the
                   |                            |screenshot

--- Comment #6 from Nate Graham <> ---
Ah, it's the Fade KWin effect, which is independent of your theme.

So the bug here is that with Fade effect on, and Spectacle invoked from its
pinned task manager icon's context menu, the menu doesn't fully disappear
before Spectacle takes the screenshot.

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