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So this is a corner case with nvidia i suppose?
I haven't head this issue in a while even though i still have the same hardware
as when i reported this issue (under a different bug). I have to admit though,
that was at a time when i played a steam game almost daily, something that
hasn't happened since.

But i'm curious. Nvidia was once the card you should have for linux. Any
desktop would work best on that.
Then it was Intel which was - till a few years ago - putting out driver updates
fairly regularly.
AMD was always a big no-go due to it's massive unstable behavior and always
lacking behind in kernel support.

Where are we now? Which GPU is recommended?
As i get from the comments that nvidia is apparently not recommended anymore.
I wouldn't be surprised if "AMD" would be the answer now. As they have become
really good (in terms of open source drivers).

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