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> Is this going to be fixed soon?  At one time I did find a configuration file
> the the line "if uid=0 fail"  I didn't write down the location or file name
> and now I can't find it I am wondering if I jack up the uid number will uid
> 0 stop failing.
> Just PLEASE!!! tell a way I can fix it back
> BTW as someone that hacks systems of a living even when running under a
> normal account you have a lot of kworker process running as root if a Kate
> or Dolphin process running as root can be hijacked then the kworker process
> is also most likely vulnerable.  Again breaking kate and dolphin has secured
> nothing.
> Again you have only created a problem not fixed one.
> Again by design root is to have full access to everything.  Root is NOT a
> restricted account.  This is a UNIX/Linux thing not a desktop thing.

I read this infinite story in which some people assure us that we are all blind
and brainless. All other file managers work in root mode only Dolphin can and
should not. Hey, to make me blind and crazy and others who use and make such
file managers. I think that someone will not intentionally fix the program or
write it out from the beginning, it's easier to change a couple of lines of
code. It's a shame and great nonsense that in Kali KDE is used dolphin that
does not work in root mode.

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