Bug ID: 391471
           Summary: Application Preference Order not updated when adding
                    an application by path
           Product: systemsettings
           Version: 5.8.7
          Platform: openSUSE RPMs
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: kcm_filetypes
  Target Milestone: ---

When a file type has no associations, it is possible to add an association to a
particular application, either by selecting that application from a list of
registered applications (which is the same one used by KDE's Application
Launcher) or by specifying the path to the executable (either by typing it in
directly, or by using the file selector).  When associating a registered
application, the "Application Preference Order" list is updated right away. 
However, when associating an application by specifying its path, the
"Application Preference Order" list is not visibly updated at all.  In order to
confirm that the association has been saved, it is necessary to quit the "File
Associations" applet and then reload it.  Only then does the newly associated
application appear in the list.

Reproducibility: Always

Steps to reproduce:

1. System Settings -> Applications -> File Associations
2a. Use the "Add…" button below the "Known Types" tree to add a new file type;
2b. Select some existing file type from the "Known Types" tree -- say,
application/x-java -- and remove all existing associations using the "Remove"
button in the "Application Preference Order" frame.
3. Press the "Add…" button in the "Application Preference Order" frame. A
"Choose Application" dialog appears.
4. Enter the path to some executable (say, /usr/bin/java) in the input box, or
use the file selector to select that executable.
5. Press OK. An "Updating system configuration" progress dialog briefly
appears, then disappears.

Observed behaviour:

6. The new application does not appear in the "Application Preference Order"
list.  It appears only if you press the "All Settings" button to return to the
main System Setting window, and then launch "Application Settings" once again.

Expected behaviour:
6. The new application should appear immediately in the "Application Preference
Order" list.

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