--- Comment #11 from RaitaroH <> ---
(In reply to Nate Graham from comment #10)
> This isn't an issue in Plasma, it's Gwenview-specific. Plasma doesn't handle
> scrolling in KDE apps. If you have scroll speed issues in other contexts,
> please file new bugs.
> Another data point: RaitaroH is using Synaptics, but I can reproduce using
> Libinput.

If it were just a gwenview thing like I thought at first... why was:
1. latte affected (then had to be fixed)
2. switching desktops with scrolling over the empty desktop also affecred. The
touchpad is too fast (actually I had no idea that was a feature before I
discovered it by accident)
3. vlc is also affected when scrolling to increase or decrease the volume,
which is really fast if done with the touchpad, but is ok if is with the mouse.
I don't do it that much so I didn't notice.

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