--- Comment #14 from Nate Graham <> ---
Yes, seriously:
- It's not a Plasma issue since Plasma doesn't affect apps' scrolling
- It's not an issue with the Qt scrollview since the problem described in this
bug pertains to a custom scrolling implementation
- It's not a driver issue (e.g. with synaptics or libinput) issue because it
doesn't affect everything, just certain custom scrolling implementations like
this one

That leaves individual apps as the culprits. It's not at all a surprise to me
that scrolling with a touchpad is still a second-class citizen in Linux
software. Linux (and Windows, to be fair) folks have been relatively slow to
adopt laptops with touchpads as full-time work machines without plugging in
external mice, probably due to historically abominable touchpad input drivers
and software support.

We've already fixed Gwenview to handle touchpad scrolling more reasonably in
other contexts; see for example Bug 378584.

That was a pretty small patch; would you like to have a go at producing a patch
based on that for this issue?

Here's the documentation:

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