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>- It relies on a context menu,

That's not true. 
Burger menu -> configure desktop

>- The user needs to make the mental leap that the wallpaper is part of the 

It's not a particularly giant leap that the most visibly massive promintent
thing on the desktop is part of the desktop.

>The first place people go looking for the wallpaper chooser UI is in the 
>System Settings app.

That's a random guess.

>From my anecodatal experience (which admittiedly is my random guess) the first
thing people do if they want options is right click everywhere like a nutter.

>contrary to [..] every other platform.

I'll give you that. Though our goal was never to make a 1-1 clone of anything.


The problem with the KCM is it then becomes super complex.

You'd need a UI to choose which activity you're configuring
Then you need a UI to choose which monitor you're changing

That creates an n*m UI of settings that you don't need when you have implied

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