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--- Comment #3 from Ivo Raisr <> ---
Support for binary constants has been around since gcc 4.3.0 (since 2008, 10
years ago). Also clang supports this notation. I don't see any reason why we
need to prefer compatibility with ancient compilers over readability and

I think your case is a singular one; majority of LTS distros have moved off of
such ancient gcc versions long time ago. You can't expect recent version of
Valgrind work with an ancient version of the compiler; neither is the case of
other toolchain components.

There are going to be more and more cases of Valgrind using compiler features
available only to reasonably recent compilers. You could get away for now with
a simple patch, changing the binary constants into hexadecimal ones, for
example. But with the evolution bringing new changes, you could end up with a
huge patchset eventually.

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