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> Please report memory usage when indexing is done. I'm really curious to see 
> that.
About 1.1GiB, ~5% of the available system memory. Very reasonable.

> Did you kill it? Probably not. I've encountered this many times.
No, not as of the report. I did shortly after - it was that, or it killed me by
swapping anything useful to disk.

> Please clarify 'unresponsive': Did you have to Ctrl-C?
Yes. I think balooctl it was waiting for baloo_file_extractor to provide some
information, but the extractor never would. I think it was busy extracting. I
don't have a way to ctrl-c file extractor, but I think when I send the
equivalent signal it shuts down just fine. ("End Process" in system monitor.)

> With an index of that size searching might be a little slow. And your even 
> half-way done :)
> Not sure, but I have the feeling baloo wasn't designed for this and you're 
> overburdening it.

Searching is still lightning fast. It seems it was designed very well in that
I was definitely overburdening it. I feel it really should have known better
than to try to index a tremendous plain-text file, though. It is enthusiastic,
it bit off significantly more than it could chew. The actual search index for
the forum the database dump was from takes over a week to rebuild on the
server, I imagine the more generalised search tool would be absolutely doomed
in that endeavour. That, and a week of solid uptime is quite rare for me.

> I'm just trying to imagine what will happen when you enter 'const' in  
> KRunner/Milou.
Would Dolphin's ctrl-f suffice? It's up to 1158 folders and 115308 files.
Somewhat amazingly, although the search results took a few minutes to populate,
Dolphin itself is still perfectly responsive and I can scroll through the files
just fine. Typing to select a file works both perfectly and instantly. Memory
use remaned unremarkably low throughout the whole process, and didn't really
change when I exited Dolphin.

All 374579 files have now finished indexing. The current size of the index is
11.08 GiB.

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