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I am not good at technical details, but it appears that it just doesn;t want to
accept EXIF from PNG. I use Darktable for processing RAW images, so everything
I through to Krita is directly from Darktable with no modifications. If have
JPG or TIFF it is fine, but if it is PNG then it doesn;t work, exif seems to
not exist. But in Gwenview and GIMP 2.9 everything is fine with Exif and it
shows it as usually. 

I wonder if it would be possible to force Krita to always keep Exif data from
first layer? One thing I noticed that many times Krita doesn;t load exif once I
close and load the .kra file even with JPG and Tiffs. It would be cool if it
was possible to force Krita to always keep Exif data from the first loaded
layer and have it as an option for krita document so that when you export to
JPG or any other format the one wouldn't need to merge all layers and give
priority to the first layer metadata. The document could always use the
metadata of the first layer. Just a thought. Nowadays I use Krita a lot for
photo editing instead of painting which is not primary function of Krita.

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