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While I agree that a distro update breaking the dependecy is most certainly not
in the greatest of styles and in that regard, there is something left to be
desired, it is worth noting that if the issue really is some interface change
in libepoxy, then the solution certainly is not for KWin to keep at the mercy
of old and depreciated dependencies forever.

If the libepoxy change is not some unfortunate regression that will be solved
in the nearest patch, but an intentional change, then we may be upset of
libepoxy maintainer all we want for breaking some of the most basic principle
not dissimilar to Linux's 'Don't break the userspace - ever', but that doesn't
change the fact that it happened.

Now, I don't know enough to realize where the real problem is, the worst
outcome would be when the users are caught between tho hard heads.

I just hope the issue gets solved quickly and for that I'm participating in a
way I've been told is most helpful for a non-developer - bug reporting (or in
this case just participating, I guess).

I'm sorry for being slightly hotheaded and marking the issue as confirmed
without much proof. I'll try to be more composed next time.

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