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> This really needs someone who can build Krita and has access to the
> hardware. Specifically, void QXcbConnection::xi2SetupDevices() needs to be
> debugged, so we can figure out what name to react to. Even then, given that
> your xinput list output doesn't show any stylus pointer means that the
> driver isn't doing its job. 
> Note that Nikolaoi is working on Digiment again. He's received a bunch of
> hardware from Huion. I think it would be a good idea to support his work:
> -- for now, I'm closing
> this bug as LATER because we cannot do anything about it at the moment.

I have access to the hardware and am happy to build krita (or at least try to).
Yes Nikolai has been doing sterling work, but the tablets supplied to him by
Huion so far are not the type with a screen built in.

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