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[^ PNG test file ; block of colors you can't fill at threshold 1 ]


I reopen this report because of a problem in the bug-fix causing a regression.
Now the fill tool is less accurate at threshold 1 (I tested on a previous
revision). Now at threshold 1, the fill tool can't do difference between all
color with the same Blue channel value. I attach a PNG image with very
different block of colors and Krita will blindly fill them all together at
threshold 1 because all this block have in commons the same Blue value ( 84 in
this example ). 

To reproduce:
1. Open the PNG in attachement
2. Select the fill tool (F)
3. In tool-option docker, set the threshold to "1"
4. Select a color of your choice, try to fill a single block.

Every block will be colored.

Here is also a gif animation during coloring an artwork:

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