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(In reply to Alvin Wong from comment #2)
> I think it might have been by design. I believe it behaves this way so that
> one can hold the stylus button and drag to switch the brush preset without
> needing to make an extra click. Though it could also be an unintended effect.
> Are you using the Pointer Input (Windows Ink) tablet support? There was a
> change in behaviour from v3.3.2 to v3.3.3 which was supposed to fix some
> inconsistencies with the WinTab tablet support.and this is one of them.
> If you are using WinTab though, it should also happen on v3.3.2 and it
> wasn't changed in v3.3.3.

I am indeed using the Windows 8+ Pointer Input (Windows Ink). I can definitely
see why this could be one of those things considered to be a "feature" instead
of a bug from your explanation. I guess I just got used to the old workflow of
always just tapping the right click on my pen and then thinking about what
thing I wanted rather than having to hold and drag. I can always re-position my
drawing or just get used to the new standard if that's by design (although it
would be great if this was customizable - but I definitely don't see this as a
high priority feature request by any means).

Thanks for the input :)

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