--- Comment #16 from Дилян Палаузов <> ---
People either want to compile everything with LTO, or nothing with LTO, or they
don't know about LTO.  Modifying /usr/local/etc/ is not the only
way, calling

  CFLAGS="-flto" ./configure

also works (if CFLAGS is not set in and is not "export"ed, as
those take precedence.  Doing

  ./configure && make CFLAGS='-flto'

does work, too

So people willing LTO either know the aforementioned ways to compile with LTO,
or they do not insist of having LTO.

In fact valgrind and php are the only software I am aware of that doesn't work
with LTO, php ignoring LDFLAGS from and postgresql ignoring CFLAGS
from, and all the rest is working with both the autoconf principles
and with LTO.

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