Bug ID: 391782
           Summary: powerdevil defaults to do nothing when closing laptop
           Product: Powerdevil
           Version: 5.12.3
          Platform: Debian unstable
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: minor
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general
  Target Milestone: ---

Latest powerdevil appears to default to doing nothing when closing the laptop
lid. In terms of usability this is a somewhat poor default. I do not know
whether it is relevant, but I start plasma + kwin using
`startplasmacompositor`, i.e. running a Wayland setup.

Steps to reproduce:

 1. Install your plasma system
 2. Login on a tty & run `startplasmacompositor`
 3. Close laptop lid.
 4. Notice nothing happens.
 5. Log off/kill your plasma session
 6. Close laptop lid.
 7. Notice logind takes care of business as expected.
 8. Run another Plasma session (`startplasmacompositor` again) 
 9. Take a closer look at power settings in system settings
 10. Notice "Button events handling" is not checked, notice the greyed out
option for configuring laptop lid handling is marked as "do nothing"
 11. Manually configure closing the laptop lid to suspend to RAM.
 12. Apply settings.
 13. Observe things work as expected, again, from within Plasma.

Extra information:

 - I am using systemd/logind
 - kscreen-console says:


        maxSize: QSize(64000, 64000)
        minSize: QSize(0, 0)
        currentSize: QSize(1600, 900)


Id:  1
Name:  "eDP-1-unknown"
Type:  "Panel (Laptop)"
Connected:  true
Enabled:  true
Primary:  true
Rotation:  1
Pos:  QPoint(0,0)
MMSize:  QSize(290, 170)
Size:  QSize(-1, -1)
Scale:  2
Clones:  None
Mode:  "0"
Preferred Mode:  "0"
Preferred modes:  ("0")
         "0"    "3200x1800@60"   QSize(3200, 1800)   60000
         "1"    "3200x1800@48"   QSize(3200, 1800)   48011
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