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There seem to be some misunderstandings in this issue.
I'm a developer of FreeRDP, so let me clear up some things:
* The 'openbox' switch is not really part of freerdp but was suggested by a
contributor in that thread.
This was due to another bug we had in FreeRDP with fullscreen switching, when
we migrated to _NET_SUPPORTED et al. That one has already been dealt with.

* There still is the `/multimon:force` switch, which forces old X11 behaviour
for a WM with broken support for the new standards. (this software is used on
many custom distris, some have really weired configurations)

* We do support _NET_SUPPORTED, as already stated. The other paths are a
fallback if the WM does not support these.

* Testing this with xfreerdp is quite easy, you only need to install `xrdp`
locally and connect to it with `xfreerdp /v:localhost /multimon`
(<ctrl>+<alt>+<Return> switches between fullscreen and window mode)

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I've tested the current 2.0 release
candidates and master against debian and fedora with cinnamon, openbox, xfce,
gnome and kde/plasma.
Only kde/plasma exposes these issues.

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