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--- Comment #10 from Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <> ---
Seems we found the cause, good.

So this then is a bug in spofify (or whatever adapter there is for it to
support MPRIS). They need to properly handle the "Play" method, if they want to
rightfully claim to support MPRIS. The purpose of specs such as MPRIS is to
have a generic contract which every party complies to, so things work across
systems out-of-the-box.
I hope you agree that adapting implementations (like here Plasma) to deal with
some parties misbehaving ruins the idea of the spec.

So please report this bug about not handling the "Play" method to where you got
spotify from. You did not mention your operating system, so I cannot give any
hint myself who you might need to contact, hope you do know or can find out.

While most other MPRIS controllers might also default to use the "PlayPause"
method (so this bug is not uncovered), there is a chance other MPRIS
controllers also try just the "Play" method and will fail as well. So best for
all in the long-term is to have spotify behave correctly.

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