--- Comment #3 from Milian Wolff <> ---
Creating yaml/json/xml or whathever output is much more preferrable to me. And
yes, patches for that would be very much welcome! I suggest you start looking
into heaptrack_print's source code and add a "format" switch there. It should
be relatively easy to change the output from the current plain text to
something more structured. And no need to pull in separate libs for that
purpose, all of the formats are so trivial to write that we can just do it by

One more note: heaptrack_print can already output data in flamegraph format.
This is actually also a potential format you could leverage in your CI. What's
missing is selecting the cost to print - right now afaik it will always print
number of allocations, but you are probably more interested in leaks. Or maybe
even in multiple cost sources.

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