Bug ID: 391838
           Summary: window doesn't scroll when cursor traverses
                    dynamically-wrapped line
           Product: frameworks-ktexteditor
           Version: 5.44.0
          Platform: Gentoo Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general
  Target Milestone: ---

Tested w/ the following versions:

Gentoo Linux


With Dynamic Word Wrap on, and a wrapped line at the bottom of the window, when
moving the cursor down or right inside the wrapped line so that it passes
beyond the visible text, kwrite/kate fails to automatically scroll down to keep
pace with the cursor. The "Line x, Column y" readout in the lower-left-hand
corner of the window continues to update, showing that the cursor is moving,
but the cursor is past the bottom edge of the screen and isn't visible. The
window only updates and scrolls down to "catch up" to the cursor when the
cursor hits the end of the wrapped line.

Note that kwrite/kate only fails to scroll down -- for a wrapped line at the
top of the window, moving the cursor up or left results in the screen scrolling
up just fine.

Scrolling down works fine for lines that aren't long enough to be dynamically
wrapped. Similarly, with Dynamic Word Wrap off, moving the cursor down scrolls
fine, and moving the cursor right on a long line scrolls to the right fine.

Before I updated my KDE Frameworks packages today, this issue wasn't present in
the last version I was using -- either 5.41 or 5.42.

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