--- Comment #10 from Mr H Green <> ---
Actually, I don’t think it is my hard drives, because same thing happened when
saving to my SSD main C: Save as “new name”, it seems to save, then bombs out
And returns to the previous save. On attempting to reload the new save, it
doesn’t appear to have been saved, because the Load menu doesn’t see it.
However, after exiting Krita, and checking in Explorer, the new file is indeed
there. Double clicking the new save file opens it in Krita without issue.
Could it be a problem with this image file, which was started with a previous
version of Krita? I am returning to Krita after a years break. I’m attaching my
picture files.

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From: Dmitry Kazakov
Sent: 04 April 2018 17:04
Subject: [krita] [Bug 392702] Crashes to last save

--- Comment #8 from Dmitry Kazakov <> ---
I have just checked Krita 4.0 for the following cases:

1) On Linux: save a huge file to SSHFS-mounted directory. Works fine. If the I
have no access to the destination directory, error message (not very
descriptive) shows up.

2) On Windows: save a huge file to a network drive. Works fine. Slowly, but

3) On Windows: save a file into the directory, where I have no write access.
Fails with not very descriptive error message, but no crash happens.

So I cannot reproduce that :(

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