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Well... It still seems like a distribution problem. The backtrace doesn't have
any debug symbols, so it's a bit hard to see where exactly the problem is, but
it seems to be exactly the same one as you posted earlier. I use opensuse Leap
42.3 for developing Krita and build against the system python and sip packages: 

Name           : python3-sip                                                    
Version        : 4.19.7-17.2  

Name           : python3               
Version        : 3.4.6-11.1 

Name           : python3-qt5                                                    
Version        : 5.10-98.5  

Some more questions:

* Which version of opensuse is this?
* Have you also reported this to the opensuse people?
* What version of Krita is in the main repository? 
* What version of python3, sip and python3-qt5 do you have?

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