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(In reply to Martin Flöser from comment #10)
> And that once more shows why I introduced a feature freeze for X11 and don't
> want to see workarounds for any issue on X11. Let's revert that change if it
> fixes the issue and never ever touch that code again.

No, I don't think the revert is needed, maybe only change SRGB "GLX_DONT_CARE"
policy to "NO, PLEASE DON'T, NO SRGB" and test, but I don't have Intel hw to
test. This is intel specific bug, I don't see it on amdgpu.

So, in short, GLX driver wasn't returning SRGB capable configs when not asked,
and since some mesa/i965 update it started returning SRGB configs even when not
asked to. This should be now fixed in xorg-server, so "RESOLVED UPSTREAM" seems
to be proper for this bug. As I understand. Becasue kwin is not blindly
selecting random config here (as was the case in D11758), it asks for specific
color space, etc.

If you're using bleeding edge mesa, use bleeding edge xorg, too... IMHO

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