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(In reply to Henrik Fehlauer from comment #3)
> > an empty URL bar on the Start page is a bit weird
> As discussed elsewhere (e.g. Bug 387906, possibly other places), a good
> long-term goal would be to make the Start Page a bit more consistent with
> Browse and View. Having the URL bar is one step in that direction, and just
> like (an older version of) Konqueror it could simply display something like
> "startpage:/".

Doesn't sound too bad actually, and I like consistency.

> > allow the user to specify a starting folder, similar to Dolphin.
> See Bug 233359, where we discussed this before (oddly enough, you wanted to
> "improve the start page" and "don't see [the config option] as necessary" ;).

Knew that rang a bell :)
In my defense, I did preface my comment here with "If we must..."

> I think we should do both, i.e. add the URL navigator and add an option as
> detailed in the second comment over in Bug 233359 (option #2).

I wouldn't oppose this. I also now just realise they solve slightly different
problems. One is for a consistent starting directory (your pictures folder),
and one is for quick access to type an arbitrary URL.

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