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I tried again and it confirms your explanation : the "whole tag collection"
checkbox was probably checked, thus including most of my large image collection
in the scan (instead of a limited set of folders).

As a conclusion I would like to suggest two feature improvements :

- in the face detection dialogue, wether the filtering conditions (albums+tags)
are combined in an "AND" or an "OR" relation should be explicit (if not
selectable, at least shown in some way).

- in the face detection dialogue, it would be usefull if selecting a folder
automatically selects all subfolders (or alternatively, have a way to easily
select a range of many folders for batch check/uncheck).

Notice : I got misleaded, believing that selecting a parent folder would
automatically include all children contents. Instead I currently have to
manually select all of my 80+ subfolders one by one to get them scanned.
Combined with the effect of improper tags selection and long processing time
involved, it made the whole thing quite hard to untangle.

Thanks a lot for helping.

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