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@Dr. Chapatin: The new link would be . Basically the
Qt project considered the function flawed, and it does nothing anymore in Qt 5.
Thus, with Qt it is pretty much impossible to handle non-unicode filenames. I
wrote a bit in a mail about this at 

Now why does pcmanfm-qt handle this case? Well, pcmanfm-qt doesn't use KIO or
Qt's file handling functionality, but instead uses libfm-qt, which wraps the
from GIO. GIO is GTK+'s input/output abstraction library, and it happens to be
file encoding agnostic.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply switch out KIO with GIO in Dolphin,
without a massive rewrite of the application; and even if we did it, we might
lose some functionality that GIO in turn lacks and that KIO provides.

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