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Patch was already applied on Arch Linux, patched packages are installed on my
system but the problem persists.

I use 3 hard disks:
sda has two partitions (ext4 and ntfs)
sdb has one ntfs partition
sdc has one ntfs partition

When automount is enabled in "removable devices" kcm, none of my ntfs
partitions is mounted on boot and plasma immediately asks for password to mount
ntfs partition from sda when plasma session is started. So I cancel the
password dialog, open dolphin, click the entry of some ntfs partition in
dolphin sidebar, dolphin asks for password, I enter my password and the
partition is mounted. I click the entry of second ntfs partition, dolphin
mounts it without to ask for password. However dolphin shows "The device is
already mounted" error when I try to mount third ntfs partition by clicking its
entry in the sidebar.
If I to type my password in dialog shown when plasma session is started, ntfs
partition from sda is mounted.
Dolphin mounts the second partition without to ask for password and I get "The
device is already mounted" error when I try to mount third partition.

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