Nate Graham <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|UNCONFIRMED                 |CONFIRMED
            Summary|KDE File Picker does not    |Compared to the equivalent
                   |allow changing spacing      |Dolphin view, open/save
                   |between items               |dialog has excessive grid
                   |                            |size in Simple/Icons view
                   |                            |when labels are on the
                   |                            |bottom
     Ever confirmed|0                           |1
           Keywords|                            |junior-jobs, usability
                 CC|                            |

--- Comment #2 from Nate Graham <> ---
I think what you're asking for is not the ability to change the spacing, but
rather that it should be better, like in Dolphin. Seems sensible and probably
pretty easy.

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