--- Comment #3 from Germano Massullo <> ---
(In reply to Nate Graham from comment #2)
> This is pretty standard behavior everywhere for the path field: you need to
> type return or enter, or click the checkmark button. If this wasn't a
> requirement, how would it know that you were done typing and had actually
> successfully navigated to the path you entered?
> Furthermore, entering paths in this UI is pretty much an expert feature
> (normal users don't easily grasp file paths), and I would expect experts to
> be able to hit return or click the checkmark--and notice that something was
> amiss if the view didn't visibly change after they failed to do so.

I was curious and I have tried to reproduce the proccedure, and luckly this 9
years old KDE 4.1.3 bugreport does no longer apply on Plasma 5 :-)

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